Miscellaneous - CD 1: Beauty and Chess


Autographed Photo 20x30cm

Chess Puzzles

CD 1: Beauty and Chess

CD 2: Fashion Photos by

Zhenia Minkovich

CD 3: Fashion Photos by

P.-W. Henry

DVD of the movie in which Alexandra played her first role

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CD 1: Beauty and Chess


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Beauty and Chess

This CD ist a good evidence that beauty and intelligence can be united in one person! You find a lot of very nice high resolution Photos of Alexandra. Below you can find some samples.

Additional you get a 36-min. Video of Alexandra doing her physikal excercises in the morning at the beach of Miami, and a Interview with her. As bonus there are the games of Alexandra and some bonuses. This is the CD with photos which are promoting chess in the world. Support Alexandra by buying this CD!

See the examples:


CD 2: Fashion Photos by Zhenia Minkovic

CD 3: Photos by P.-W. Henry