Alexandra donates her time and performs simuls for elderly people
Alexandra visits schools, gives free simuls and gives prizes out to pupils
Alexandra gives free simuls to schools who cannot afford inviting GrandMasters
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Alexandra is deeply indebted and thankful to anybody who makes a donation, however modest it is. Any donation over $30 will qualify for 1-year Membership and you will get within 24 hours a login and password for the Membership area of the site, which is growing weekly. Donations are needed in Alexandra's Chess Fund to promote chess in the world, especially for simuls and gifts for children, and to pay for the high bandwidth that we carry due to the thousands of photos online and soon many videos. Note that a shipping & handling fee will also be applied to the donation (Paypal calculates that automatically), we are very sorry about that, please consider it part of the donation. Please support our site, do a good deed today! :-)