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Dear friends!

I try to promote chess in the world, to show that it is a most wonderful game, a game that helps children to excel in their studies, in their life. I want to help children get familiar with chess so as to transmit my love of chess to them. To promote chess it's necessary to go all over the world. I have played free simuls and given many free gifts to children to help them like the game. Look at recent reports: Elista (Kalmykia, Russia), Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia, Russia), Cali (Colombia), Chicago (USA). We give many gifts to you for solving our chess puzzles. These activities are only sponsored by my Chess Fund. I need you to help me do more, I cannot do more without you!

By placing any order (above $45) in my Web Shop (Paypal Book, Paypal Miscellaneous, Paypal Clothing, KAGI) or making any Donation (above $30) to my Chess Fund you will automatically become a Supporter of my cause and a Member of my site (and you will receive within 24 hours a login and password to enter the Member section, valid for 1 year at least), and therefore you will be helping me to do as much as I can to develop chess in the world. Do a good action, buy something for yourself or your kids, or make a donation - today!

The best gift for your kids is a copy of my book, it's fun and easy to read, with many photos. It has a whole section to teach chess from the very beginning, so if your kid is over 5 years old, you can use my book to teach him or her to play chess! It has puzzles, from very easy (mate in 1) to pretty hard. You will enjoy it yourself too, for sure, since it has my whole life story and it's easy to read. We have a special now, and you can get a CD with the full content of the book in high quality PDF format, in three languages (English, Spanish, and Russian), with many other bonuses on the CD.

The most exciting CD's you can buy are my two Fashion CD's. The first one, "Beauty and Chess", include in high resolution the wonderful chess photos of famous photographer P.-W. Henry, who was able to combine beauty and chess in a remarquable way. Many photos from that CD are presented in low-resolution in this web-album. You get many bonuses on the CD, including a super video of more than 36 minutes of me in Miami doing all kinds of sports, you cannot miss that! The second fashion CD, "Fashion and More", has surprising fashion photos featuring me, photographed by famous Paris fashion photographer Zhenia Minkovich, that will not leave you indifferent. A superb bonus on the CD: a 27 minute video with me walzing away in the first Viennese Ball in Moscow, extravagant!

To convince you that you are getting a very good deal for your donation or order, I am offering Members exclusive access to special closed web photo albums (beach albums, exclusive albums, special albums), and to some closed web movies and also to some of my best games, commented by me for you. Look at the top of this page for some of the Membership albums. We will add many more exclusive material to the member section in the months ahead, you will not regret it. Support me! Support Chess! Thanks! :-) Any questions? Email me!

Alexandra :-)